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The Project

IPAG – „Intellectual Property Agreement Guide“ is a project of Universities Austria (österreichische Universitätenkonferenz, UNIKO), assisted by the National Contact Point for Intellectual Property (ncp.ip). The aim of this project is to increase and support cooperation and technology transfer between science and economy.

Exchanging knowledge and technology between universities and enterprises often requires complex contractual agreements. To facilitate the technology transfer process and provide legal certainty, experts of Austrian Universities in cooperation with economy experts, public research organisations and ministries, drew up the Intellectual Property Agreement Guide. The IPAG project is a guideline in form of a manual with standard clauses in various versions, all available without any charge. These clauses are considered contract samples for knowledge- and technology transfer and cover the specific needs for contract design between public research organisations and business partners. With these contract samples, users receive practical assistance on work cooperation between companies and public research organisations.

Standard contracts resp. standard clauses are available in German and English and have been reviewed and commented by law experts. With due regard to the various requirements from science and economy, standard contracts habe been realized in three versions: a simple version “standard contract”, an “extended standard contract” plus a version which includes the comments of an expert group from research and economy, “suggestions business partners”. Obviously the user is free to adopt these standards as a whole or just partly and customize them according to their individual needs.

On IPAG you find the following contract types:

  1. contract research / contract development
  2. research cooperation
  3. non- disclosure agreement
  4. material transfer agreement
  5. licence agreement
  6. IP purchase agreement

    The IPAG manual including all versions of standard contracts in German and English plus legal comments is especially useful for frequent/expert users. It is available via “expert access”. For quick and easy access to the standard contract versions, you might as well download the word file directly from IPAG homepage (click button download standard contracts). Free access to all types of contract samples.

    These contract samples are supplemented by

    • a “Best Practice Guide for Spin-Offs” as a guideline for successful spin offs from universities and other public research organisations. The “Best Practice Guide for Spin-Offs” is expected to go online in the course of 2015.
    • Standard Material Transfer Agreements specifically for the transfer for human and veterinary biomaterials, respectively, complemented by standard clauses for informed consent agreements (expected online by the end of 2015).